Romans 5:1-2 Discussion Questions

Romans 5:1-2  Discussion Questions


Because of the gospel, we have obtained peace and access to God. Yet, too often, we neglect to exercise these wonderful gifts. Let us use them to boast in the hope of the glory of God.

Discussion Questions

  • Can we be at risk of knowing the gospel without experiencing it in our daily lives? How so? If so, how do we fight against this risk?
  • Discuss the following phrase: “No Christ, no peace. Know Christ, know peace.”
  • How does the story of Mephibosheth and David illustrate Paul’s point that we have peace with God? How does this story affect the understanding you have of your peace with God in Christ?
  • Paul notes that we have “obtained access by faith” to God. What does he mean by this? How do we practice this access?
  • What does it mean to rejoice in the hope of the glory of God?

What Does This Say About God?

  • God transforms his enemies into his sons and daughters.
  • God brings about peace through our justification.
  • God is accessible to us through faith in Christ.

What Does This Say About Humanity?

  • Outside Christ, we are enemies of God. In Christ, we are his sons and daughters.
  • Without Christ, the Prince of Peace, we cannot know true, everlasting peace.
  • We have obtained access to God through the atonement and mediation of Christ.

What Will You Do About It?

For more insight to this passage listen to One More Thing – where our teaching pastors discuss the passage in greater detail using these discussion questions.

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