Romans 4:18-25 Discussion Questions

Romans 4:18-25  Discussion Questions

Paul looks to Abraham’s unwavering obedience in the face of difficulty to remind us that God uses life’s curve-balls and circumstances to grow us stronger in faith.

Discussion Questions
•    Discuss the following: “Faith is not the enemy of reason; faith is the foundation of reason.”
•    Discuss why you believe (or do not believe) that God’s Word is sufficient, clear, authoritative, and necessary for our faith.
•    Why doesn’t God simply give us all the faith and strength we need up front? Why go through all the trials and tribulation?
•    How do you read yourself into the stories of the Bible?

What Does This Say About God?
•    God is a covenant-making God who keeps his promises
•    God desires that his covenant children would grow strong in their faith
•    God provides a way through difficulty for our benefit and his glory

What Does This Say About Humanity?
•    Through hope against hope, we may maintain obedience to God
•    Our faith is strengthened through trials and tribulation
•    The stories of the Bible were written in part for our sake

What Will You Do About It?

For more insight to this passage listen to One More Thing – where our teaching pastors discuss the passage in greater detail using these discussion questions.

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