Romans 4:13-17 Discussion Questions

Romans 4:13-17 Discussion Questions


Paul expands our horizon of God’s work of restoration by proclaiming that we are heirs of the world. The promise that God has made does not come by faithful obedience to the law; rather, it comes by faith in God’s promise.

Discussion Questions

  • Paul notes that Abraham and his offspring are heirs of the world. What do you believe this means (see Heb 1:2, Rom 8:16-17)?
  • How is the nation of Israel in the Bible a small picture of God’s cosmic renewal?
  • Why does Paul say that “where there is no law there is no transgression (Rom 4:15)?”
  • If the law brings God’s wrath, why not just jettison the law?
  • What does it mean that we are all like Eliezer?

What Does This Say About God?

  • God is a covenant-making God who keeps his promises
  • God revealed himself to us through his law
  • Our Heavenly Father adopts us into his family to make us fellow heirs with Christ

What Does This Say About Humanity?

  • When we contribute to our justification, we only bring sin to the table
  • Our good works are not done to maintain covenant relationship with God; rather, they are done as part of our relationship with him
  • The law was not intended to fix us; rather, it was intended to reveal our hearts

What Will You Do About It?

For more insight to this passage listen to One More Thing – where our teaching pastors discuss the passage in greater detail using these discussion questions.

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