The Book of Daniel 5

The Book of Daniel 5


In one of the most popular episodes in the book of Daniel, King Belshazzar sees the handwriting on the wall announcing the impending doom of his kingdom. God displays, yet again, his sovereignty over all humanity by humbling not only a king but an entire empire through an incredibly anticlimactic defeat by the Medo-Persians.

1.    For many years scholars doubted the authenticity of the book of Daniel because it mentioned Belshazzar. However, archeological evidence surfaced that mentioned the previously unknown king. Considering this, what would you say to someone who doubts the Bible’s authenticity because of a lack of evidence?

2.    Part of Belshazzar’s downfall was his own pride. How often are we more interested in impressing people than impressing God?

3.    Daniel was promoted on the same night that the king is cut down. How does this speak to the power that God has over the kingdoms of the world?

4.    Some of the most powerful events in Daniel’s life came in his twilight years. What does this say about God’s perspective on retirement and old age?

5.    God’s evaluation of our life is much different than our own. What we may perceive as success, God may see as failure. Where we may see our good in our life, God sees his good in our life. How do we maintain a godly perspective on our lives in whole?

At the end of his life Belshazzar used Daniel’s real name, which means “God is my judge.” With question two in mind, we often replace God our Judge with people we are trying to impress (supervisor, boy/girlfriend, etc). We care more about what they think than what God thinks. How can we remind ourselves of our ultimate judge on a daily basis?

Spend some time in prayer with one another for things drawn out of the discussion.