The Book of Daniel 7

The Book of Daniel
Chapter 7
Discussion Questions

The book of Daniel shifts gears from narrative to apocalyptic as we see the unveiling of the Son of Man who will come to execute the Ancient of Day’s judgment and the redemption of God’s people in the last days.

Apocalyptic literature has a tendency to offer multiple perspectives on the same thing depending on who interprets the text. Before beginning the discussion share your experience, interest, or expertise (or lack thereof) in end times prophecy.


1. Why is apocalyptic literature so difficult for us to understand?

2. Ultimately, apocalyptic literature should point us towards Christ. Are we sometimes guilty of being too interested in the details of end times prophecy at the expense the overall purpose of apocalyptic literature?

3. Given the complexity and mysterious nature of apocalyptic literature, many believers shy away from it. What is the danger of neglecting this portion of Scripture?

4. Read Psalm 46:1-3. How can we apply this passage to our thoughts, anxieties, fears, anticipation for future events, particularly in regards to end times prophecy?

5. As believers should we fear the future?  Why do some feel angst or worry about  the last days and the coming of Christ?

6. Daniel 7 paints an awe-inspiring picture of the Son of Man receiving the power and dominion over an everlasting kingdom from the Ancient of Days.  What does this mean for those with Christ?  What does this mean for those opposed to Christ?

Spend some time in prayer with one another for things drawn out of the discussion.

Encourage your group to attend Family Day this Sunday.  Details are at

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